About Weaversdirect

Weaversdirect is a non-profit initiative that has been created with the sole aim of supporting the handloom weavers in Mangalagiri and beyond in Andhra Pradesh. We believe that the traditional art of handloom weaving is an integral part of our cultural heritage, and it is our responsibility to preserve and promote this art form.

The weavers in Mangalagiri have been practicing the art of handloom weaving for generations. However, in recent times, they have been facing a number of challenges that have threatened their livelihoods. These challenges include competition from power looms, lack of access to markets, and decreasing demand for handloom products.

Weaversdirect aims to address these challenges by providing a platform for the weavers to showcase and sell their products directly to customers. By eliminating the middlemen and ensuring that the weavers receive fair prices for their products, we hope to improve their income and living standards.

Weaversdirect is a non-profit initiative, which means that all the profits generated from the sale of our products go directly to the weavers. We do not take any commissions or charges, and all the funds generated are reinvested in supporting the weavers and their families.

By supporting Weaversdirect, you are not just buying a product, but you are also contributing to the livelihoods of the weavers and their families. We believe that by working together, we can create a sustainable future for the handloom weavers in Mangalagiri and all of Andhra Pradesh.

Our skilled artisans handcraft a range of traditional products, including sarees, dress materials, and dupattas using locally sourced cotton yarns. Our products are famous for their unique designs, quality, and durability, and have been appreciated by customers worldwide.

We are excited to bring our traditional handcrafted products to you through Shopify, an e-commerce platform that will enable us to reach a wider audience and offer a seamless shopping experience to our customers.

By purchasing our products, you are not only supporting our local weavers and artisans, but also helping to preserve a centuries-old weaving tradition that is slowly disappearing in the wake of mass-produced machine-made fabrics.