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Party Wear Sarees

In the world of fashion, we Indians are lucky to have a... 

Festive Sarees

Festive-wear sarees are perfect for special occasions with their rich designs and... 

Daily Wear Sarees

Redefine Your Style with Comfortable Daily Wear Sarees Step out in confidence... 

Our Mangalagiri handloom sarees have won the hearts of 100,000+ customers worldwide

  • "Such beautiful handloom sarees that I've referred to them as my wardrobe art! You may pass on them as a legacy to the next generation."

    Shalini, Australia

  • "I loved these sarees from the weavers direct! I cherish the colours and they go well with my family ocassions beautifully."

    Aruna, U.S.A

  • "If you've been contemplating purchasing pure handloom sarees - go for it! They've elevated my style and make me standout in parties!"

    Swapna, U.S.A

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Shine Bright in Stunning Designer Sarees

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  • Eternal Design

    Handloom sarees with timeless motifs and patterns. Inspired by culture, heritage, and art. classic, graceful, and exquisite. 

  • Transparent Pricing

    Pay what we pay for handloom sarees. No hidden costs, no middlemen. Support weavers and artisans directly

  • Sustainable Sourcing

    Handloom sarees from natural fibres, supporting local artisans and environment. Authentic, ethical, and eco-friendly

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Weavers Direct: support handloom weavers, and preserve heritage. Buy authentic, ethical, and beautiful handloom products

Support Handloom Weavers and Preserve Cultural Heritage with Weavers Direct

Weavers Direct is a non-profit initiative that has been created with the sole aim of supporting the handloom weavers in Mangalagiri and beyond in  Andhra Pradesh.

We believe that the traditional art of handloom weaving is an integral part of our cultural heritage, and it is our responsibility to preserve and promote this art form.


The Rich Heritage of Indian Handloom Sarees