Weaversdirect a non-profit institution?

Weaversdirect is a non-profit institution, and all funds go to weavers. Site maintenance is being provided by the donor Ravikumar Vemuru, MD.

Is my Credit Card information safe?

Ecommerce service is being provided by Shopify.com (USA) with PayPal being the Gateway. Your information is extremely secure and will not be shared. Merchants will not have access to sensitive financial data

Are the prices reasonable?

These are the weavers’ prices without any additions. Occasionally, you may see a lesser price in the market if the saree belongs to seconds (Minor defects), lesser quality in terms of yarn count, cheaper color dyes or if it belongs to a clearance sale from wholesale merchants. You will find the same sarees in branded stores with a markup of at least 100 % more. Considering the plight of these weavers, weaversdirect does not indulge in tight bargaining as it will make weavers’ life more burdensome.

If I buy more than one saree, will my shipping charges be less?

We are trying to add that feature to the web site. In near future, will also add the option of having the saree delivered to an address in India for modifications. If you are planning to buy in bulk, please reach out to us for now.

Are all the displayed products genuinely handloom made?

100 % of the products displayed here are authentic and are made by weavers on handlooms. We encourage all of you to visit our participating handloom weavers locations when you are visiting India.

Why are my charges displaying “Riverside Solutions” as the merchant?

Riverside Solutions provides the technical support for the web site maintenance. Because majority of these weavers do not have an online presence, we are using “Riverside Solutions” to manage the currency flow for now. Riverside Solutions do not charge any overhead or maintenance to the weavers. Once a cooperative is established by the weavers, the account will be transferred.